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Bev stayed with us for almost two years but when she became sick she had to leave. That's when Marie and her daughter, Dawn, came to live with us. They brought their cat, Snowball, with them. I had never seen a cat before and wanted to be friends. Unfortunately, Snowball had other ideas. She tried to attack me. After this happened the second time, I heard mommy tell Marie that Snowball would have to be kept in her room or on the lanai. This left the great room and the kitchen for me. Of course, if I had to go out Snowball had to leave the lanai so I could use my dog door.

Dawn was a teenager. I had never been around a teenager before. They are very strange and play very loud music. Dawn was OK but definitely not a dog lover.

They stayed for 19 month and then left. They never were very friendly with me. They would talk to me but I missed being petted. Mommy would try to pet me when I got on her bed and Lori, the cleaning lady, would make a big fuss over me.

Lori was the woman who gave me my first bath and she came every other week for the rest of my life. For the first four years her husband, Phil, came with her. They both would play with me. Mommy said they were here to clean the house but that was just what they did when they weren't playing with me.

All of a sudden Lori started coming alone. I heard her tell Mommy that Phil was sick and wouldn't be coming any more. He did get better but when he came to visit, he was in a wheel chair like mommy used to have.

Next a woman named Demi moved into the back bedroom. She brought a dog named Zena with her. Demi kept the door to her room closed all the time. She didn't say much to me except to yell at me because I was in her way. I just wanted to get to know her. After all she was the one feeding me and opening the lanai door to let me out when mommy told her. Demi never paid enough attention to me to learn my signals.

One day Zena went somewhere with Demi but Demi came back without her. That was OK by me. Demi was always blaming me for the accidents that Zena had. Zena was very sneaky and always went into the master bedroom where she couldn't be seen. Demi would always say that the puddle was too big to be made by Zena but Mommy and I knew the truth. Mommy wouldn't let Demmi scold me.

Later I heard Demi tell Mommy that Zena was diabetic. I'm not sure what that meant but Demi said Zena was too much trouble. She had given Zena back to Charlene to take care of.

I enjoyed having the house all to myself. It was nice not being growled at. Of course, Demi would still yell at me if I tried to check out her room on the occassions when she left the door open. I never understood what the big deal was about me being there. After all it was my house.

I began sleeping more and more. Mommy bought me a really nice big pillow to sleep on but I usually sleep in my favorite spot next to the couch under the window. Occassionally I did sleep on it but I never stayed long.

Mommy began leaving the lanai door open just enough for me to fit throught. That way I could get to my door door to the backyard without disturbing anybody. A few times Demi would forget and close it. Mommy always knew when I really had to go out and after waking Demi up at 4:30 a few mornings, Demi never forgot again.

I think I'll let Mommy finish the story.

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